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"Ruler of the Roost", 8x8 inches, 1.5 inch depth, created with heavy body acrylic paint. This adorable little piece has the smallest birds I have every painted including a barred rock rooster, ISA brown hens, Rhode Island red hens and a black hen.

Client Testimonial

"I have always admired Megan's colorful artwork which makes her pieces so bright and beautiful with just the right colors and contrasts. I decided to ask for a custom piece of my chickens and it turned out just as I imagined.  She encapsulated the dynamic of my flock with flying colours! I will enjoy this painting for years to come. Thanks! Nadine."

Georgian Bay, Ontario, 14x18 inches, acrylic on stretched canvas. Commissioned as a Christmas present.

White Poppies with Texture, 20x24 inches, 1.5 inch depth, acrylic paint and modelling paste on gallery wrap canvas. Commissioned to decorate a newly renovated bathroom.

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